New jquery image gallery

My choice for a Flash image gallery seems to have been the wrong one: after Apple and later on Android dropped their support for Flash my site couldn't be viewed on mobile devices. Now that screen quality and resolution of mobile devices is getting better and better, this is a serious drawback. Also the particular flash gallery I used had a few problems in how it handled different aspect ratios. Also adjusting it was problematical because of the complexity of Flash.
After an internet search I've chosen an (javascript/jquery) image gallery by Manos Malihutsakis, you can find it (at least the original version) here: I adapted it to make it as 'minimal' as possible, without buttons cluttering up the page.

Joomla redesign

I've just finished the redesign of my homepage. Stylistically it's not a total 'make-over', although I think it looks quite a bit better now. For the most part however the changes have taken place 'under the hood': I've implemented a content management system (CMS) called Joomla. I did this partly to make maintenance easier, but mostly actually to learn how a CMS works. Probably for a site as small as mine a website template would have been sufficient. Anyhow, it was fun working things out. I hope you enjoy the site!

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